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QuizGrok is an IT study community for anyone working on improving their technical skills. It uses a smart quiz engine to tailor each quiz to your individual needs. The question pool is built and maintained by YOU, the QuizGrock community members.

Here's more about how it works:

Note that some of these features (like edit other people's questions) only become available as as you build up participation points and become a trusted user. The more you contribute, the more features will be unlocked for you.

Quiz to Learn

QuizGrok is not here to test you, it's here to help you learn and potentially get ready to wow people who do want to test you. Each question includes answer explanations. In study mode you can try every answer and read every explanation if you wish.

A smart quiz engine tailors each quiz to your needs. Quizzes are derived based on your past performance in the subject area and blend in things you need work on with new questions to help you move forward quickly.

Community Built and Managed

You and other QuizGrok users contribute the questions and continuously improve them as needed. As a new user, you won't be able to edit other questions right away, but once you've been around and started to build up a reputation, you can.

You Earn Reputation When You Contribute

Your reputation score goes up when you contribute questions, when people vote up your questions, and every time you take quiz or contribute to the community.

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