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Taking Quizzes

Quizzes can be taken in study mode or in test mode.

In study mode you can click on the different answers to view each answer explanation. You will only proceed to the next question when you click "Continue" or if you select the correct answer. We'll calculate a score based on your first answer selection just FYI.

In test mode, you cannot view the answer explanations, but you can change your answer until you click "Continue". You receive a final score at the end.

I don't know is the perfect answer option to select if you don't know the answer - this lets us mark the question for further review.

Question Pools: When creating a custom quiz, you can opt to use only questions you added to the pool or draw questions from the entire community collection. The default is community of course.


You can gain or lose points based on your activities in the community. When you complete a quiz or contribute questions, you earn points. If a question you submit is deemed to be poor quality, you can lose points. It's a lot easier to gain points than it is to lose them.

Activities and points (subject to change):

  • Contribute a question: +10 points
  • Delete a question you contributed: -10 points
  • Improve someone else's question: +5 points
  • Complete a quiz: +5 points
  • Get a perfect score in test mode: +5 points
  • Moderate an item (requires privleges): +5 points
  • Question you contributed receives an upvote: +4 points
  • Question you contributed receives an downvote: -2 points

Especially bad stuff:

  • Question you contributed determined to be spam: -50 points
  • Question you contributed violates TOS (such as copyright): -50 points

Privileges and User Levels

Your user level and privileges are primarily determined by your points level.

User Levels:

  • New Member (0 - 199)
  • Full Member (200 - 1000)
  • Senior Member (>1000)
  • Moderator (currently by invitation)


Each level comes with a set of privileges that increase along with your seniority. For the privileges that come with each level, see the privileges list.